A simple none the less very interesting project for Snowdonia Cheese Company in North Wales.  They required smart control to their wax melting production line. We were tasked to minimise down time of production as unknown faults through the night have known to be catastrophic. The combination of ‘Priva Cloud Connection’, ‘Priva Alarms’ and ‘Priva Building Operator’ has meant that the client can:-

-Most importantly have alerts sent to their mobile devices to alert failures/ potential warnings before the become a serious problem
-Stopped the necessity for staff to come in on Sunday and prepare the boilers ready for production on Monday.
-Monitor temperatures on the production line
-Change the Melting Schedule of the production line from anywhere in the world!
-Track and export trends of different colour wax’s

The customer has been extremely impressed by the work completed and have very soon after completion, arranged a business meeting to implement automation and control of other aspects of the factories.