Here at Eco we have many years’ experience in the Horticultural Sector, working with local growers to maintain highly sustainable and effective methods of farming.

We have many years’ experience working with local growers in Lancashire.

We design, build, install and maintain environmental control systems which manage all aspects of horticultural automation from green house irrigation systems to vent and temperature controls, circulation fan installation and grow lighting. We have many years’ experience working with local growers in Lancashire and our systems help to produce high end crops which are subsequently sold to Booths, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Technology today plays a vital role in successful farming. Growers constantly want to increase their yield yet use less water and energy to do so. Effective heating, lighting and irrigation systems are essential to producing successful crops.

Priva manufacture reliable and robust equipment that allows you to accurately analyse and control your greenhouse environment and can help you to run your entire farming operation on environmental computers using an internet connection. Priva provides sustainable solutions for the more efficient control of energy and water as a means to conserve scarce resources and reduce the impact that farming has on the planet. As a result Priva technology allows users to make savings wherever possible.

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