Eco Electrical and Building Services Ltd has a few different sectors but is predominately an electrical contracting company. What makes us unique is over the last 20 years our engineers have specialised in the horticultural industry due to our location and our customer base.

We have a UK Priva Horticulture dealership which means we have access to equipment and software that helps us create environmental controls for greenhouse owners. We are one of only two Priva Duel Dealers in the UK as we also have a Priva UK BMS dealership status which means we can also create environmental controls for commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, health centres, sports centres etc.

To join all the above sectors together we have also created our own bespoke control panel design and build section which serves all our needs for control panels but we also export completed panels around the UK and Ireland. We can back all of the above up with a team of electrical engineers and technicians through breakdown callouts and service contracts.