Brockhole Activity Centre – Lake District Visitors Centre Windermere

Priva C4 controller

Priva C4 controller

New Buffer Heat Store

We are excited to share details about our project at Brockhole Activity Centre, the Lake District Visitors Centre in Windermere. The project aimed to control a Ground Source Heat recovery system that utilizes the waters of Lake Windermere as its energy source.

The objectives were as follows:

Heating Supply: Our task was to provide efficient control over the Ground Source Heat recovery system, which would supply the majority of heat to the Visitors Centre’s shop, café, and staff living quarters.

Cost and Carbon Footprint Reduction: By implementing effective control measures, the project aimed to reduce heating costs and minimize the carbon footprint associated with the heating system.

Remote Access: We incorporated remote access capabilities using the Priva Cloud and Digital services, enabling convenient monitoring and control of the plant from any location.

The outcomes of this project have been highly beneficial:

Sustainable and Heat-Efficient Energy Source: The installation of a Ground Source Heat recovery system, controlled by the new Priva Building Management System (BMS), has provided a sustainable and heat-efficient energy source for the Visitors Centre. This innovative solution utilizes the waters of Lake Windermere, contributing to eco-friendly operations.

Energy Cost Reduction and Cleaner Heating System: The project has resulted in a significant reduction in energy costs, improving the financial sustainability of the Centre. Additionally, the transition to the Ground Source Heat recovery system has enhanced the heating system’s cleanliness, reducing the environmental impact.

Remote Access and 24/7 Availability: The incorporation of Priva Cloud and Digital services has allowed for remote access to the plant, ensuring continuous monitoring and control capabilities. This 24-hour availability enables efficient system management and quick responses to any issues that may arise.

At Eco Electrical and Building Services, we are committed to delivering sustainable solutions that promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The successful implementation of a Ground Source Heat recovery system, along with remote access capabilities, has empowered the Brockhole Activity Centre to achieve their goals of cost reduction, sustainability, and improved heating system performance.