Hewlett Court

One of our customers recently got in touch requesting a new control panel – the current one had very limited controls which meant it was difficult to make any kind of adjustments to their heating and underfloor heating.

The new panel is able to calculate, (using internal and external temperatures), the time needed to allow the boilers to reach the desired internal room temperatures early in the day. This will provide a much more efficient and economic new heating system. The panel also uses Priva BMS technology which allows the flexibility of changing set points for heating levels in different parts of building sectors.

Alarms and various other settings can be changed using the stylish and user friendly touchpoint computer which has been custom built into the control panel door. This alerts the customer to any potential faults in the system and allows time to rectify them before they develop into more complicated issues.

The advanced BMS controls used – Priva blue ID C line MX34 controller with extra MX34 IO module are able to document different trends and schematic (diagrams) corresponding to energy usage. This allows the customer to evaluate different areas of the system, constantly make improvements and as a result allows users to make savings wherever possible.